Category Prints & Projected Digital Images Sections

Projected Digital Image Sections

  • Still Life (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Photo Journalism (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Open (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Seascape (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Nature (Monochrome or Colour)

Print Sections

  • Open Prints (Monochrome)
  • Open Prints (Colour)
  • Animal Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Architecture Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Creative Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Landscape Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Portrait/People Prints (Monochrome or Colour)

Schools Competition

  • School Life (Monochrome or Colour, Print and Digital sections)
    Please note that this category is an additional special separate competition that will run in conjunction with the National Photographic Competition. This category is only open to year 10 to 12 students from any Victorian School.