Category Prints & Projected Digital Images Sections

Projected Digital Image Sections

  • Still Life (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Photo Journalism (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Open (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Seascape (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Nature (Monochrome or Colour)

Print Sections

  • Open Prints (Monochrome)
  • Open Prints (Colour)
  • Animal Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Architecture Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Creative Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Landscape Prints (Monochrome or Colour)
  • Portrait/People Prints (Monochrome or Colour)

Schools Competition

  • School Life (Monochrome or Colour, Print and Digital sections)
    Please note that this category is a additional special separate competition and will be run in conjunction to the National Photographic Competition open to year 10 to 12 students from any Victorian School.