Entry Rules



  1.  Entries will be accepted from residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories and from Australian Photographic Society members residing overseas. All images must have been taken by the entrant. Any manipulation where permitted (see definitions) must have been made by the photographer (author).
  2.  The greatest care will be taken with entries, but no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage.
  3. On-line entry is via the Warragul National website or, alternatively, on the Official Entry Form (or a copy of same), from that website: www.warragulnational.org 
  4. Print entries and fees must be sent to:
    Warragul Camera Club National Photographic Exhibition, P.O. Box 436 , Warragul. Vic. 3820 or hand delivered to Roylaines Pty. Ltd., 12-16 Smith Street , Warragul, or Roylaines Pakenham, 148 Main Street , Pakenham.
  5. Entries must be sent POST PAID. Sufficient return postage must be included with entry fees if entries are to be returned. (No stamps please.) Entries received without the entry fee will not be judged. Entries received without sufficient return postage will not be returned and will be disposed of. Check with your post office on the cost of returning your entry.
  6. Payment of entry fees may be done via PayPal for on-line entries (via credit or debit card or personal PayPal account) or, for entries made using the paper form, via direct bank transfer with details to accompany the entries and sent to the above PO box address.
  7. Entries to be picked up at Roylaines must be picked up by June 30th. Entries left after this date will be disposed of.
  8. The entry form must be completely filled in by the entrant and indicate clearly where entries are to be returned.
  9. All PRINT entries must be accompanied by a digital version of their entries via the on-line entry or on a CD/DVD/USB stick. These digital files should be labelled using the same convention required for Digital entries as explained below (see paragraph 1 Digital Images (Projected)).
  10. Unless otherwise specified, permission to reproduce entries for publicity purposes will be assumed.
  11. Each entrant will receive a Catalogue, Report Card and Acceptance or Merit Card where appropriate.
  12. Photographs previously accepted in any section or so similar as to be almost identical regardless of title will not be eligible for selection.
  13. The decisions of the National Committee or its delegates are final and no correspondence will be entered into. It is assumed upon receipt of an entry that the entrant accepts these rules and conditions.
  14. The Committee reserves the right to withhold any accepted entry from display.
  15.  All entries must be the work of the entrant.
  16. A maximum of FOUR ENTRIES may be submitted in each section.
  17. Packaging must be sturdy enough to ensure prints do not get damaged during return postage or handling. No plastic shopping bags please.


  1. The maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1080 pixels. Images exceeding either dimension will not be resized by organisers and will not be eligible for the competition. Each image file must be in sRGB colour space, and 8 bit JPEG format.
    For entries not entered on-line, the entrant’s CD/DVD/USB stick should contain a folder labelled with the entrant’s name containing all the image entries.
    Images must be labelled with the following convention:
    <section number>_<entry within section>_<image title>_<entrants’s name>.jpg.
    As an example, your 2nd image submitted to section 5 would have the name:
    5_2_My Winning Image_John Smith.jpg
    NOTE: This special naming convention is NOT required when entering via the web form.
  2. Please note: Digital Image entries on CD/DVD will not be returned. For digital only entrants, a small additional payment is required for postage of catalogues ($1.50).
  3. Further information available from the National website <www.warragulnational.org>


  1. The back of each print MUST bear the maker’s name, address, title, section entered and numbered to correspond with the Entry Form (preferably in the top left hand corner).
  2. Prints should be marked on the reverse side to indicate the top when viewed correctly.
  3. Framed prints will not be accepted.
  4. SIZING: Matts must be 16 x 20 inches. No other size accepted, any size print within this mat size is allowed. THICKNESS of mounts MUST NOT exceed 5mm. All prints must be mounted. Any not conforming will not be presented for judging.

Important note for Print entries made via On-line Entry

  • For those entering via the on-line entry form, on completing your entry, you will receive an email with a complete listing of your entries including thumbnail images. To help the Print Entry Stewards, please print out a copy of this email and include it with your prints.

Submission of an entry to this exhibition implies acceptance of these conditions.